Coffee Machine Service

At EspressoClinic, we provide a comprehensive coffee machine service tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial, office, and workplace environments. Our expertise ensures seamless coffee production, keeping your business operations smooth. Entrust your equipment to us and experience the confidence of uninterrupted service, guaranteed by professionals.

Rocket Espresso Approved

Preserve the longevity of your cherished espresso coffee machine by entrusting it to As an approved service provider of Rocket Espresso Milano, we ensure your machine delivers a superb cup of coffee each morning, enhancing your daily routine.

24/7 Call Out Service

Prompt, cost-effective on-site coffee machine service available seven days a week.

Coffee Machine Service

Comprehensive array of maintenance and repair services for commercial and home coffee machines.

96% First Time Fix

Reliable and proficient on-site assistance for repairs, installations, boiler inspections, and preventative maintenance.

Great Coffee Guaranteed

Discover the potential of your coffee machinery. Enhance your coffee experience to elevate your business prospects.

Commercial Espresso Machines & Grinders Service Solutions

Your coffee machine stands as the pulsating heart of your business, demanding unwavering performance. Even the sturdiest models require expert attention to maintain their excellence. That’s precisely where Espresso Clinic comes to your rescue. Our dedicated team specialises in top-tier coffee machine repair and service, providing a range of tailored solutions for commercial equipment. With an unwavering commitment to keeping your espresso production uninterrupted and your business operations running smoothly, we’re here to empower your success.

Full Service

Our Full Service package is a holistic maintenance offering designed for discerning clients who value their time and resources. Our customisable and adaptable approach caters to all traders, ensuring a swift return to your daily operations. Our proficient engineers will align with your business rhythm, striving to curtail any disruptions to your everyday coffee operations. Full Service includes:

– Detailed inspection of every component of your machine,
– Set of original, recommended service kits
– Thorough de-scaling using professional-grade solutions,
– Deep cleaning,
– Calibration,
– Replacement and lubrication of worn-out parts.

Moreover, we offer staff and barista training to maximise the potential of your treasured machine. If necessary, we also provide a replacement La Marzocco Linea or Victoria Arduino Eagle One during the full coffee machine service period.


No grinder, no perfect coffee.

The grinder is an indispensable companion to your coffee machine, tirelessly working to deliver the ideal brew for even the most discerning customers. Is your grinder sluggish, jammed, or producing a coarse grind when you’re after a fine one? These are signs that it may require professional attention. Regardless of whether your grinder is automatic or with a doser, we can deliver the following services:

-Installation of new burrs, clump crusher, burr holders
-Replacement of doser springs, capacitor
-Adjustment to your specific requirements.

If needed, we can also train your team to prevent waste of coffee beans and ensure the perfect extraction each time. By keeping your grinder in top condition, your customers will enjoy the freshest coffee, time after time. The aroma of freshly ground beans can draw coffee lovers from afar, keeping your establishment buzzing with activity.


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Domestic Espresso Machine Services

The absence of that first, perfectly brewed cup of coffee can certainly make a Monday morning challenging. Fear not, as we’re here to reintroduce your beloved routine. EspressoClinic offers a streamlined service experience, tailored to your domestic coffee machine repair needs. We specialise in La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, Rocket Espresso, and ECM coffee machines, ensuring your mornings are off to a great start. Our services extend to both on-site and workshop repairs for these leading brands, and others such as Profitec, Slayer, Synesso, San Remo and Simonelli. We can also accommodate services for additional brands upon request.

Rocket Coffee Machine Service London Espresso Clinic R58 Giotto Evo

Home Machine Service – Our Approach

In essence, simply bring your malfunctioning machine to us at EspressoClinic, and we’ll take care of everything. As an approved service provider for esteemed brands like Rocket Espresso, Victoria Arduino, and La Marzocco, we understand the intricate workings of these machines. We commence every repair process with a thorough diagnostic, performed free of charge. Submit your distressed machine to our adept hands at our workshop, and we’ll restore it to prime condition, ensuring a smile on your face. Once inspected, we provide a comprehensive condition report, detailing estimated repair cost and duration. Typically, most issues are resolved within 3 business days, but complex problems may extend to 7 days.

Full Service – how it works?

Regular professional service and preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your machine in a good shape. At EspressoClinic we will strip your machine down and check the condition of every single element. All worn out parts, like seals and gaskets, will be replaced and freshly lubricated to avoid problems in the future. In addition, your machine will be descaled with a high-performance descaling solution, deeply cleaned and you will receive a piece of advice how to treat it to extend its lifespan. Considering general water quality we recommend to undertake a full service every 2-4 years or every 5000 – 10 000 brewing cycles to achieve the best results.

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24/7 Call Out Service 

Understanding the value of time in your business, we at EspressoClinic provide a high-quality, swift, on site coffee machine repair service. Our workshop is conveniently situated in East London, a strategic location allowing for quick call out service to your coffee shop. This ensures minimal disruption to your business, even in the event of an espresso machine emergency.

Effective Call Out

Over 95% first time fix ratio! Average reactive time 80 min! Wallet-friendly prices! Free professional calibration!

Grinder Repairs

Coffee Grinder is a essential part of your setup and it’s absolutely crucial to keep it in great shape! If your grinder is very noisy, doesn’t release correct doses or is jammed – we will come to help!

Our Process: Swift and Proficient Service

At EspressoClinic, our mission is to limit your downtime to the bare minimum, ensuring your establishment continues to flourish – our average response time is just over an hour. Our engineers, fully trained on a wide variety of coffee machines and grinders, possess unique expertise and skills. We acknowledge the importance of consistency to your clients and always aim to resolve any issues on site within 2 hours. We service and repair a range of brands, including but not limited to La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, Astoria, ECM, Conti, Expobar, Fracino, Nuova Simonelli, San Remo, Rocket Espresso. We also provide grinder services for brands such as Mahlkonig, Ditting, Mazzer, Victoria Arduino Mythos, Simonelli, Anfim, Fiorenzatto, La Marzocco, Macap, Caedo, and Compak.

Final Touch

Once your machine is back in action, we’ll carry out a complimentary calibration to optimise the coffee experience. Our vast familiarity with diverse coffee bean types and beverages makes us a reliable and affordable source for advice to enhance your business potential. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for queries on any other brand; we’re happy to provide initial assessments via phone or email. Allow yourself the benefit of experiencing true efficiency.

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